Daniel Eggert
In art school, I was taught to pick one medium, stay in my lane, and become known for that kind of work. In my career, I have neither agreed nor been good at following this sentiment.
Even as a new artist, I quickly found that branching out and trying new media had sparked powerful inspiration, introduced new techniques into familiar media, and enriched my entire artistic experience.
The metaphoric bridges between the media I use extend beyond concepts over to profound collaborations, challenging me to rethink designs and to reject complacency.
My thirst for creative knowledge is insatiable. With my background in the fine arts, I really try to bring out hidden magic in the moments that I photograph. One of my current passions is not only to shoot beautiful subjects but to add in some digital manipulations to create a surrealistic feeling to the work and to open the viewers eyes to the world beyond.
What will my favorite medium be next year? Only time will tell. I hope you enjoy the fruit of my labor!
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